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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


What do you want first???    Ok.

Bad News:  Dr K. tsk-tsked me for gaining 7 (SEVEN??!!) pounds.  So this morning, I packed for breakfast, a cup of mandarin oranges, a banana & a fruit & grain bar.  I get to work & pg co-worker J, stops in the office with a cheese danish for me.   She lives across the street from a bakery & she just HAD to stop this morning & get us some “goodies”  :::SIGH:::
I didn’t get the first-trimester screening done.  After kicking it around in my               head, I decided that it wasn’t necessary.  I feel deep in my heart that this baby is perfect.  Why put myself through the stress of waiting for results that are going to tell me just that. She did however suggest that I get the ultrasounds done at Perinatology dept since I’ll be a high-risk; and they’ll get a much more “detailed” study with their ultrasound machine.  I wonder if it’s one of those new-fangled 4D machines… that would be cool.  

So, the cars will NOT be fixed today.  Turns out that we don’t have the   money to cover the costs of the stupid little metal pipe.  It’s only going to be a couple hundred bucks, but I Just.Don’t.Have.It. Damn that mortgage payment!!  Now, I will have to drive my loud little car for another 2 days until my payroll goes through.  DRATS!!  The mechanic says it’s not going to damage the car in any way, It’s just really loud & I’ll have to keep the window cracked if I smell exhaust.  

Good News: Heartbeat good and strong.  I think I can finally stop worrying
and just enjoy this pregnancy.  

                    Maggie came with me and she told Dr. K. that she was going to get a baby sister, and that Mommy has a baby in her belly.  And Maggie has a baby in her belly too.  Dr. K. put the Doppler on her tummy and told her that No, only MOMMIES get the babies in their bellies.  Big Sisters get to be Mommy’s Helpers.  Maggie told her that she’s going to be a good helper-girl.


DD said...

That was a sweet way for the OB to help Maggie. I'm glad the bad news wasn't *BAD* news.

E said...

Don't write "Bad news" in a post title like that!! That's not bad news! YEESH! You do have an awesome OB for him to do that to Maggie.. of course did you check to see if he billed her ultrasound to your insurance company?
Can you find out the sex yet? Are you going to? WIll you share it with us??

Kate W. said...

I agree with dd and e! Don't start with bad news you just about gave me a heart attack! We are waiting for the $ tree to grow in our back yard too. Doesn't it just suck? I am so glad all is well with the baby! I had lots of good thoughts going your way!

The Queen Mama said...

I'm with you on skipping the screening. And yay for a good strong heartbeat! How far along are you now, anyway?

melissa said...

I'm so happy to hear the good news. And I'm with e, yikes and putting the words "bad news" in a post title!