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Monday, January 16, 2006

Pancake Hats??

So, has anyone else seen a commercial where the announcer is talking about pancakes?

It’s probably on PBS or Disney since they are the only 2 channels we seem to watch anymore. Something about them being round & warm and how you think they make a fine hat??

Yesterday, Maggie was sitting in the dining room with her typical late Sunday morning breakfast of cancakes (no, I didn’t spell it wrong, that’s how she says it), scrambled eggs with cheese, brehfist meat (bacon), and a half a slice of toast with cinnamon sugar and apple juice.
Granted, she only eats maybe 2 bites of each, but at least I make the gesture. I LOVE a big, hearty breakfast. Since I’m the one who has to make it, this only happens once a week.

I’m in the kitchen pouring my 1 measly, stinking cup of coffee that I am allowed to have.
(I’m SO getting a bigger mug!) when I hear her talking to her stuffed Disney Princess doll (Sunday it was Belle’s turn to eat with Maggie) that cancakes make a good hat. I look up & sure enough she has pancake squares on her head. With butter. And syrup.
Belle also donned a fine, golden brown chapeau. It was so cute that I couldn’t even be upset with her.

It only took 5 minutes to get all the syrup out of her hair. She has really fine hair too, so in the morning she has what we call “rooster head”. Generally it takes a good twelve to fifteen squirts of hair detangler, a rat-tailed comb and three feet of good, heavy rope a lot of saying, “sit still, come here, calm down, look to the left/right, it doesn’t hurt, it’ll look so pretty when I’m finished…” Don’t you know it? The batteries in the camera were dead again. So I couldn’t get a picture of her & Belle with their pretty hats.


elle said...

OMG, how adorable! What a little treasure! Too bad about the pix, would have loved to see that! Wishing Nugget a long, uneventful 28-ish more weeks.

also, thanks ENORMOUSLY for commenting on my blog. It's nice to know that people can get through the "white blob" scare with healthy children. The way we of "advanced maternal age" get treated, you'd think we had communicable diseases!

And...I used to live in Philly and miss it all the time. We plan on moving back in two yrs or so. Our last place was on Fitzwater btw 6&7 off Bainbridge. The city has changed so much since 2000 when we left. Hope we can still afford it!

DD said...

I dread weekends 'cause that's when X knows we have the time to make pancakes. It's just a flippin' mess! I will usually let him strip down to skivies just for the occassion.

The Queen Mama said...

This is the very reason I make all our pancakes with a little extra brown sugar, and just skip the syrup for the boys.

At least you didn't have to end up washing her hair!

BTW...pancakes rule!

Stephanie said...

pancanks hmmm i would like to eat some now