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Wednesday, January 11, 2006



DAMN these prenatal vitamins!!  I know you probably DON’T need to hear this, but I haven’t had a decent b.m. in a week.  Even then, I had a “gastrointestinal episode” last Wednesday & Thursday, so I can’t say that was normal.  

I’ve even noticed that my abdomen is getting a bit…. distended.  No, I DON”T think that I’m starting to show early, as even though this is my 4th pregnancy, I do keep in relatively good physical shape and have always been athletic.  I was 138 lbs (I’m 5’ 6” so that’s right in the range) before I got pg, and I’m still wearing my regular clothes, they are just starting to get a wee bit tight in the hip/thigh area.  Now this morning as I was getting dressed, I leaned over to put on my socks & was like, WHOA!!  I had to lean up over my belly to comfortably reach my foot.

I am generally very regular.  Once a day, every morning.  I get up, start the coffee, take a shower, get my 1 stinking cuppa joe (gotta cut back on the caffeine intake) and go peruse one of 5-8 catalogs we receive daily, or the latest issue of American Baby/Child/BabyTalk magazine that happens to be in the “library”.  

The past week, nothin.  I just sit there.  Legs going all pins & needles from sitting too long.  I’m afraid to push too hard. I’m pretty sure that’s an unfounded fear, I don’t think you can “knock” the baby loose ( I’ll hafta Google this)by trying too hard for a bowel movement, but still, I can’t make myself push.  I’ve increased my water intake, I have a salad with dinner every night anyway, so I don’t know HOW I’m supposed to increase my leafy green intake; I am trying to eat bran cereal everyday, (yuk) to no avail. I stopped at the Acme last night and bought a box of prunes.  I actually like prunes, but I’ve never had to use them in a medicinal capacity.  I’m not sure of the “dosage”.  How many should I eat? I ate 5 last night while watching “The Shield” (I soooo love Michael Chiklis).  Sort of just snacking on them.    BIG glass of water before bed fully expecting to have to jump up in the middle of the night.  Nothin’ doin’.  

Hopefully, they won’t kick in while I’m here at work.  I HATE doing that here.  I prefer my very own toilet in my very own home thank you.  Does anyone else have that hang-up??  

Aaannnnyyyway, I know that if I keep up with the extra fluids & increased fiber, this too shall pass.  Heehee!!


Lala said...

I had the same complaint and my midwife told me to stop taking the vitamins for a while to free stuff up. She was also concerned because all I was eating was beets and cucumbers. So that might have had something to do with it. Now I'm eating a lot more raisin bran and things move better.

DD said...

I thought the "straining" is what caused me to MC. It won't happen. It's not good for you and can cause undo pressure in the uterus, but you won't squeeze nugget out inadvertantly.

Ask your doc for a mild "regulator".

The Queen Mama said...

Hey Cat, I had similar problems with my pregnancies, and I would ask your doc about the following:

* a lower-iron prenatal vitamin (there's one I took, can't remember the name of it, but it was blue and not nearly as big as some of the other horse pills...Premesis, maybe?)
* a fiber supplement, such as Metamucil or Benefiber (my favorite, since it's tasteless)

After having surgery to have a thrombosed hemorrhoid removed last fall, and then ending up with a horrible anal fissure due to the constipating painkillers I took after the surgery, I have learned the hard way the extreme importance of regularity. I have the diet of an 80-year-old woman...prunes, bran flakes, Benefiber three times a day and 2-3 stool softeners a day. It's well worth it to keep the works runnin' smoothly.

This is probably WAAAYYYY more information than you were asking for, but I would firmly suggest you get this problem under control so you don't end up with a nasty, angry thrombosed 'rhoid from trying to push all that crap out. Trust me, that is one place you DO NOT want surgery.

Call your doc ASAP.

liz said...

Keep a glass of water by you at all times. During the course of an hour, you should empty the glass (and your bladder) and refill it. If that doesn't do the trick, talk to your OB.

Just my bit of assvice

t_cole said...

omg - you took the words right out of my mouth - this too shall pass.
i agree - call your Dr.
that's what you pay them for.
glad to see you're back.

E said...

The butter flavored topping on movie theater popcorn. It works WONDERS!

OR, the best cereal in the world, Kashi brand Go-Lean really high in fiber and protein and tastes WAY better than All-Bran.

Kate W. said...

Prunes saved my life during both of my pregnancies! And after! Finding the right amount is the key! Hope everything "works out!" teeheehee