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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nervous Nellie

I have an OB appointment tonight.  The DBT’s are circling like turkey buzzards; or for my East coast friends… seagulls flocking around a small boy with a container of Curly’s Fries on the Ocean City boardwalk.    Either way… rats with feathers.

I’m fairly sure things are fine.  Just those damn dreams!!  I know the hormones do this but WOW! I felt like Allison Dubois sitting up straight in bed (like she does at LEAST once an episode) all gasping & sweaty (not in a good way).

What a week we’ve had.  
∙  We ran out of heating oil Friday.  I guess I should check that big black thing in the basement more frequently in the winter.  Thankfully the oil guy was able to make a delivery on Saturday PLUS it was a nice 56 degrees on Saturday, so the fireplace was enough to knock the evening chill and all worked out.  
∙  Then, some extension/flex pipe from the manifold to the cataclysmic (catalytic, I know, I’m just being a smarty-pants) converter broke on my car.  Boy is it LOUD!!  Joe’s off tomorrow so he’s going to take to George Foreman’s place & have them fix it.  
∙  Joe called me this morning to tell me that now his car is running “funny”.  When I asked him to elaborate he tells me that it stalls on him.  Great.  So when the Blue Route is all backed up at the Villanova exit, that’s just Joe trying to get his car re-started.  Beep & wave at him.  He’ll be the real pissed off looking guy in the green Cadillac.

Anyway, I figured since I haven’t posted in 2 weeks I should let you all know that I’m still here.  I’ll let you know how the appt goes tomorrow.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Pancake Hats??

So, has anyone else seen a commercial where the announcer is talking about pancakes?

It’s probably on PBS or Disney since they are the only 2 channels we seem to watch anymore. Something about them being round & warm and how you think they make a fine hat??

Yesterday, Maggie was sitting in the dining room with her typical late Sunday morning breakfast of cancakes (no, I didn’t spell it wrong, that’s how she says it), scrambled eggs with cheese, brehfist meat (bacon), and a half a slice of toast with cinnamon sugar and apple juice.
Granted, she only eats maybe 2 bites of each, but at least I make the gesture. I LOVE a big, hearty breakfast. Since I’m the one who has to make it, this only happens once a week.

I’m in the kitchen pouring my 1 measly, stinking cup of coffee that I am allowed to have.
(I’m SO getting a bigger mug!) when I hear her talking to her stuffed Disney Princess doll (Sunday it was Belle’s turn to eat with Maggie) that cancakes make a good hat. I look up & sure enough she has pancake squares on her head. With butter. And syrup.
Belle also donned a fine, golden brown chapeau. It was so cute that I couldn’t even be upset with her.

It only took 5 minutes to get all the syrup out of her hair. She has really fine hair too, so in the morning she has what we call “rooster head”. Generally it takes a good twelve to fifteen squirts of hair detangler, a rat-tailed comb and three feet of good, heavy rope a lot of saying, “sit still, come here, calm down, look to the left/right, it doesn’t hurt, it’ll look so pretty when I’m finished…” Don’t you know it? The batteries in the camera were dead again. So I couldn’t get a picture of her & Belle with their pretty hats.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Do NOT eat approximately 20 prunes at one sitting.  
I couldn’t help it. They were so sweet and full of chewy goodness.
I was reading a Lisa Scottoline novel (Mistaken Identity) she’s a local gal, you know.  Born & bred in Philly.   When I read, I MUST have a bowl of something next to me.  I should have chosen the box of Fiddle Faddle.  

I went to bed at 11, awoke at 1:22 with the most intense gas pains you would EVER want to experience in your life; shuffled into the bathroom in the most ungainly bent over position with my hands clutching at my swollen, rumbly belly.  My GOD!  Talk about having your breath taken away.  I thought for sure my “issues” were finally at an end (HA HA! An “end”  get it??).  Nope.  After 10 minutes I gave up & went back to bed.  

I did dream about going.  In fact, when the alarm went off this morning, Joe asked me how I felt & I replied, good.  He asked if I was all emptied out & I answered in the affirmative.  When I finally rolled out of bed & went into the bathroom to shower, I realized that I hadn’t gone in the middle of night.  It was just a dream.  A lovely, gratifying evacuation dream.  After my coffee, I decided to give it another try.  That’s another good thing about coffee.  It really gets you “going”.  At least me, it does.

So, just in case you were at all curious, and if so, eewwwww, (kidding) yes I was able to make “poopie on the potty”.  Maggie tells me that I was a good girl, that Daddy will be so proud of me; AND  when we went downstairs for breakfast, she gave me a sheet of her STICKERS!!  I was also told that I could wear big girl panties today.  Whew!  That’s a good thing. Some day, I hope to be able to use the bathroom by myself again.  

I will still make sure to up my water intake, STOP the vitamins (Dr K has approved this) increase my fruits & veggies and stop at the drug store on the way home for a box of 4 x 4 gauze pads & a bottle of witch hazel.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006



DAMN these prenatal vitamins!!  I know you probably DON’T need to hear this, but I haven’t had a decent b.m. in a week.  Even then, I had a “gastrointestinal episode” last Wednesday & Thursday, so I can’t say that was normal.  

I’ve even noticed that my abdomen is getting a bit…. distended.  No, I DON”T think that I’m starting to show early, as even though this is my 4th pregnancy, I do keep in relatively good physical shape and have always been athletic.  I was 138 lbs (I’m 5’ 6” so that’s right in the range) before I got pg, and I’m still wearing my regular clothes, they are just starting to get a wee bit tight in the hip/thigh area.  Now this morning as I was getting dressed, I leaned over to put on my socks & was like, WHOA!!  I had to lean up over my belly to comfortably reach my foot.

I am generally very regular.  Once a day, every morning.  I get up, start the coffee, take a shower, get my 1 stinking cuppa joe (gotta cut back on the caffeine intake) and go peruse one of 5-8 catalogs we receive daily, or the latest issue of American Baby/Child/BabyTalk magazine that happens to be in the “library”.  

The past week, nothin.  I just sit there.  Legs going all pins & needles from sitting too long.  I’m afraid to push too hard. I’m pretty sure that’s an unfounded fear, I don’t think you can “knock” the baby loose ( I’ll hafta Google this)by trying too hard for a bowel movement, but still, I can’t make myself push.  I’ve increased my water intake, I have a salad with dinner every night anyway, so I don’t know HOW I’m supposed to increase my leafy green intake; I am trying to eat bran cereal everyday, (yuk) to no avail. I stopped at the Acme last night and bought a box of prunes.  I actually like prunes, but I’ve never had to use them in a medicinal capacity.  I’m not sure of the “dosage”.  How many should I eat? I ate 5 last night while watching “The Shield” (I soooo love Michael Chiklis).  Sort of just snacking on them.    BIG glass of water before bed fully expecting to have to jump up in the middle of the night.  Nothin’ doin’.  

Hopefully, they won’t kick in while I’m here at work.  I HATE doing that here.  I prefer my very own toilet in my very own home thank you.  Does anyone else have that hang-up??  

Aaannnnyyyway, I know that if I keep up with the extra fluids & increased fiber, this too shall pass.  Heehee!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


     Sorry I’ve been a little lax in posting.  I just haven’t had all that much to report.  

     Tuesday’s OB appt went well.  Only gained 5 lbs.  Of course they don’t know about the 12 I packed on after I quit smoking.  Yes.  I smoked.  I know. It’s a dirty, disgusting, dangerous & very expensive habit.  But I couldn’t help it.  I enjoyed it (most of the time).
I never smoked around Maggie, or in my house.

     Admittedly, there were times when I would catch a glimpse of myself with a cigarette in my mouth, or smell my sweater & think “ewwwwww”. I knew I had to quit for my health, the health of any future baby & my pocketbook.  When I decided to try again to get pregnant, I knew I had to give it up.  Realizing that I had more to gain (not in pounds)
And NOTHING to lose, I gave it up cold turkey.  Yay me!

     Anyway, Tuesday was fine.  Maggie came with me since Joe was working his part-time gig that night.  It was only the third time since her birth that Dr. K got to see Maggie. She was very impressed by her good looks, impeccable manners & height.

     She found the heartbeat right away, but Nugget decided it was play time & scooted away.  She tried again & had a little difficulty finding it.  She finally tracked Nugget down & we heard a good, strong heartbeat before the little prankster ran away again.  We discussed the first-trimester screening & ultrasound procedure that is done at Lankenau Hospital that I think is some high-risk pregnancy related option.  I really want to have this done, but I think it’s too late.  I am at 12 weeks now & Dr. K said that I needed to call on Wednesday to schedule the appt.  I could not find the # she gave me back in December & there was nothing on L.H’s Website about perinatology; so maybe I didn’t want to do this as bad as I thought I did.  
     Joe & I had already discussed the possibility of defects or abnormalities & we both know that no matter what, we would not terminate.  I know that’s going to bother some people out there, but we believe that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle & if we have a special needs child, we will handle it the best way we can.  

     I have a really good feeling about this baby, and don’t think there will be any defects or developmental issues.  Call it Mother’s intuition or as my MIL calls it “Inside information”, so I guess we’ll just plod along in the “normal” pregnancy mode & after the 20 week ultrasound, Dr. K will decide if I need more regular studies.  We did follow a “high-risk” plan with Maggie due to my “Advanced Maternal Age” (Isn’t THAT a lovely term?  Almost as nice as “Scraggly Old Momma”).  

     I’m only hoping that my suspicions of it being a girl baby are wrong.  Hey!!!  Stop that!!  I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be happy with another girl, I would just really like a boy this time.  We already a boy’s name picked.  William ( Will, not Billy)  Michael.  William is both of our father’s names.  My dad passed away almost 12 years ago & I still miss him every day.  Joe’s dad is going into his 70’s, smokes like a chimney, has high blood pressure, diabetes & is prone to skin cancer, so he keeps telling us how he’s not going to be around much longer.  Michael is just a name that we both like.  
     As for girl’s names, we are going to fight over this one.  He wants to name a girl after our mother’s… His mom’s name is Dorothy.  As.If.   I love his Mom.  I really do love her.  She is wonderful.  But Dorothy?  Ummm, no.  Don’t like it. Don’t like it at all. My mom’s name is Elizabeth.  I like Elizabeth, it’s my middle name.  But I only like Elizabeth, not Betty, not Liz, not Beth, not Buffy (although that was one of my fav shows).  I like old-fashioned names.  I like Alice.  I like Jane.  I like Alice Jane. We already have an Allison, so that may be quashed.
I like the names Jillian, Megan, Colleen, & Sarah.  How about you?  Any suggestions?
The more “Irish” it sounds, the better.  

     I also announced the pregnancy to my boss.  WHEW!!  What a load off my mind!
There are only a handful of people here who I already told.  She was pretty good about it.  Of course, she is in the process of selling her house  & moving to her house in the Poconos.  She will work from home & only have to come into the office once a week.  Now we will have to devise a plan for my portion of the job.  Either hook me up with PC Anywhere so I can do the daily deposit & collections aspects from home or some other option.  I even volunteered to come in a few hours a week to work on overseas agent settlements. Just to keep my hand in the work & don’t get all Baby-Brained.  

     She then turned around & opened her big, fat, no tact-mouth.   She said that she told  one of the owners & decided that she’s not going to make any announcement to the other owner or Department heads and that I shouldn’t tell too many people either.
“I mean, Jeez Cat, you’re 40.  What if you should have another miscarriage?  I don’t want to have to tell everybody in the company that you lost another baby.”
This is the same woman who actually said to me the day I called her from the hospital to tell her that I had a miscarriage, “ Well, maybe “someone” is trying to tell you something. And that this is for the best”.  I mean, HOLY CHRIST!! Who SAYS shit like that????
The anesthesia hadn’t even worn off.  
At least now, I don’t have to hide my saltines & I can freely wear my “fat-pants”.