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Friday, December 02, 2005


Just heard from Dr. K. with the Ultrasound results.  She says that my labwork results are fine, no need for Progesterone suppositories.  The ultrasound looked good.  There is a sub-chorionic hemorrhage.  She tells me (ME!) not to worry, that it is VERY common and usually resolves itself.  Well, me being me, I decided to go to Dr. Google and see what he had to say about SCH…..
sub-chorionic hemorrhage -- an area, usually near the edge of the placenta or in fluid just outside of the gestational sac, that is bleeding. This can either bleed out and show as spotting or bleeding, or can form a bruise that does not bleed. A sub-chorionic hemorrhage is not uncommon, and does not mean the pregnancy will end in miscarriage. It most often happens because during the normal course of the uterus stretching and growing, a bit of the placenta peeled away and bled. It will almost always heal on its own. There is a slightly increased risk of miscarriage if the hemorrhage is large (over 200 ml in volume), as it may mean the placenta implantation is weak. Bed rest is not always given, as many hemorrhages are very minor.
Of course Dr. K didn’t give me the size of the bleed or if was even STILL bleeding, so now I have something new to worry about.  Just my luck, Joe wants to take Maggie down to StoryBook Land to see Santa tomorrow & we all know how my last trip to Storybook Land went.  


DD said...

I know if I was you, I could hardly bare thinking about going to SBL. I don't have any assvice for you either, except just take it easy and try not to google the bleed issue to much. It'll just make you mental.

The Queen Mama said...

I agree on not Googling yourself into insanity. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH information. Breathe in, breathe out. Have a chocolate. Have 10. Plug into whatever Higher Power you dig. Remember that stress hormones probably aren't exactly great for a pregnancy, either. Lots of positive thoughts to you!