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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I had my first bout of morning sickness yesterday.  I was *almost* happy about it.  How weird is that??  I am one of those people who HATES to be sick.  I will try to talk myself out of throwing up if I can.  I am also a “sympathy puker”.  If anyone is getting sick & I can hear it, smell it or see it, I’m right there puking too.  Nice topic huh?  I think I’ll change it.

I have a follow up u/s scheduled for tomorrow at 5:30 to follow up on the bleed.  Dr. K. wants to make sure is hasn’t gotten any bigger or if in fact it has resolved itself.  I just want to see the nugget & make sure there’s still a heartbeat.  I’m not really having any DBT’s; I just want to see it again.

Joe spent the day with Maggie on Sunday.  They took a trip to The Fort Washington Expo center for a train show.  Joe loves trains.  He used to set up this huge, elaborate platform for Christmas.  We haven’t had one in a couple years, but he did pick up a small Christmas set for around the tree this year.  Maggie enjoyed it.  He said she was very excited about all the choo-choos.  

After the show, they stopped at his sister’s house.  As they were getting ready to leave, Bet was asking if Maggie was in a big-girl bed yet. (We have Bet’s crib. She let us borrow it when Maggie was born, and we do have to give it back.) When Joe told her, “No, but we are looking into getting her a bed.” Bet replied, “Well, you hold on to the crib, you’re going to be needing it aren’t you??”  Joe was like, whattaya mean? Bet said she was looking at me on Thanksgiving & she knows that I’m pregnant. She said she could just “tell”.  Bet has 3 kids and has had 3 miscarriages.  So maybe there is something about the look of pregnancy.  It’s not like I’ve gained any weight (only about 5 lbs, but that’s normal for me to pack on a bunch of pounds during the period between Halloween & Christmas) or popped out of all my bra’s.  Go figure.  Joe made her swear on her daughter’s life that she wouldn’t breathe a word of it to any one.  We are hosting the Pollyanna party for his family the day after Christmas & that’s when we’re going to tell them the news.


E said...

How do Mothers always know when someone else is pregnant?! My friend can do that too! SCARY!

Send us a picture of the trains! My Dad used to set one up every year and it was so much fun to watch it go round and round, scare the dogs half to death and watch my Mom yell at my father to "quit playing with your toys and come help me!"

WonderMama said...

I understand how morning sickness would make you happy.
I vacilate between being glad I dont have any and wishing I did.
How many weeks are you? I think we may be within a few days of each other.
Good luck with the u/s tomorrow. I'll be wishing till my wisher gets sore that the bleed has resolved itself!

Catizhere said...

the first year we were married ('92)our Christmas decorations were ridiculous! Talk about the Griswolds! You could READ by the light of the chrismas decorations!
I'll make sure to get a couple pics of the trains for you.

Yes, we are VERY close in dates. I'm just starting week 8. Due 7-23-06. Yours is the 17th right?

The Queen Mama said...

Hmmm...maybe you were smiling a secret little smile and she just figured you out. Doh!

And I can't think of any other situation in which I would say this, but, "Congratulations on feeling nauseated! I'm happy for you!"

I hear chocolate is very good for nausea...

DD said...

You know I am sitting here green with envy while you are over there green with the babypukes. You lucky beoytch!

Ya know I love ya, right? Have a great US. Maybe you'll luck out and they won't wand you, but use the tummy-transmitter instead.

Lala said...

Thanks for coming by Babycooking the other day. It's always lovely to meet other pregnant bloggers.