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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry ChristmaHannaKwanzaaKa

So, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet???
If one more person asks me that, so help me…..

NO!  I have NOT finished my shopping yet! Happy??

No really, I’m not finished. But am I stressed about it? No.  Not at all.  Well, maybe a little.  Abso-freaking-lutely!

Joe has had to work overtime & his part-time job almost every day for the past week and a half.  Tonight he’s home, so right after his favorite, quick-slap-together dinner (beefaroni anyone?  GACK!  Hate that stuff, think I’ll have a bowl of soup & a grilled cheese sandwich) we’re off to the mall.  Children’s Place for Maggie’s Christmas jammies, Bath & Body Works for stocking stuffers & my niece’s B-day gift (What WAS my sister thinking to have a kid 4 days after Christmas?? Oh! And my Mom’s B-day gift(Hey Gram, what were YOU thinking having a kid 2 days BEFORE Christmas??).

Joe also tells me that he hasn’t had time to get me anything yet.  WHAAA????  So I guess I’ll even get to pick it out.  What fun.   I’m heading right for Kay Jewelers to point out something sparkly!  I’ve trained Mag to say, “Oooooh, Mommy needs dat” when the Kay Jewelry commercial comes on with the 3 stone pendant.  I’m sure he didn’t pick up on that subtle hint.  I’ve also asked him for a Dyson.  Can you say “Snowball’s chance??”  There is no way he would spring for a $430 vacuum. I still want one.  Maybe I’ll have to start a secret-savings account to buy one from E-bay.  

Then, it was decided (not by me) that we were going to host the Pollyanna party for his family at our house the day after Christmas.  So, it looks like a trip to BJ’s is in store for tonight also.  My house is in such C.H.A.O.S. (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) I don’t know when I’m supposed to get around to cleaning & cooking.  I kinda need him around to move furniture & stuff.  One of the perks of pregnancy is “Oh, honey, I can’t move that hutch in my condition”!  I won’t have to put the new bottle of water on the dispenser until at least September!

Oh!  I almost forgot.  I’m also in the middle of making new Christmas curtains for the living room.  I had made some about 3 years ago ( a nice, winter white with gold threading).  But they didn’t survive storage this year.  There were some weird brownish stains on the hem.  I think an M & M or Hershey’s kiss got lost in the storage tote.  ::sigh::  The new ones are a red & green plaid.  Not as loud as you might think since  2 of the windows in the living room are only 16”x 24”  and the 3rd is a normal 36 x 64.  So, in my spare time (bwwaaahahahaha) I’ll be cleaning, cooking, sewing, wrapping, doing laundry & in general, all my other “duties”.

Does it sound like I’m a little overwhelmed?  I guess I am a little, but I’ll put my happy face on & do the best I can.  If his snooty sister in law doesn’t like the dust bunnies, I’ll just tell her to stop snooping around under my bed!


DD said...

I haven't really finished my xmas shopping either. Jerry's getting me a bunch of new clothes. Well, that's what I told him he is getting me for xmas since I've already bought them. He wanted to get me a digital camera, but it's really for him. I think with all the money we have spent with IUIs and and an IVF and a house, we can forego the lavish gifts.

And ye, you forgot to include the Winter Solstace Celebration in your title. WHAT were you thinking??!!

t_cole said...

OMG! I knew I liked you. I feel the EXACT same way - 'cept I don't have the prego hormones to go with. (Thank You Jesus!) I think Think THINK I wrapped up my shopping tonight. I am sure I will sit straight up in bed tonight and remember someone or something I forgot. but for now - at this moment - I am at peace...
Now all the prep. Wrapping, bowing, chopping, cooking, baking. I am off to the in-laws Christmas Eve but Christmas Dinner is ALL ME! 5 couples - but only my three kids. I know, I am nuts. The good news - (yes Virginia, there is good news) I really like these folks coming over so it will be a FABULOUS Christmas Day!

And about Joe, Gimme your list and send him my way. I'll handle this...

all my best -

E said...

Christmas Curtains too?! You overachiver, you! Good grief!
I couldn't stop laughing at the C.H.A.O.S. - hysterical! I have that all the time. With two dogs in my tiny house the fur adds up.
I finished up my shopping yesterday, the cookies are all baked and I'm not cleaning since I'll be heading to my parents' house. NOW, I can relax! Well, once I finish with this ******* work project...

The Queen Mama said...

Christmas CURTAINS? God bless you, you crafty thing. I'm doing good to get the tree up and the nativity found.

Some things went by the wayside this year, like the all-day sugar cookie baking extravaganza and the hand-written messages in Christmas cards. Those didn't get tossed into the mail until last night, either. Finished wrapping the gifts then, too. NOW I can relax and eat lots of chocolates. I'll have one for you...

The Queen Mama said...

By the way, Cat...Merry Christmas! Hope you had a great holiday.