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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Everything looked OK

Everything looked OK to Dr. K. last night.  
She explained the SCH to me and told me that it is VERY common and doesn’t mean that the pregnancy will fail.  She also suggested that I stop consulting Dr. Google behind her back. She will talk to me & explain anything I need to know at ANYTIME!  She gave me a slip to schedule a follow-up u/s for the bleed. And we discussed a “special” ultrasound procedure and screening that is done at Lankenau Hospital for birth defects.  
I’m not sure if I’m going to do any of the genetic testing.  The whole amnio thing scares the bee-Jesus out of me and the CVS testing sounds even worse!  When I was pregnant with Maggie, they had done the quad-screening and the odds of her having any birth defect were something like 527 to 1.  The chance of miscarriage with the CVS is 200 to 1.  Now, I’m not a betting woman, but I like the odds on the quad screening better.

Anyway, I’m still pregnant, my blood pressure is normal, my weight is ok (a little heavy in my book, but hey, the chart said it was ok), my pee is fine. Everything felt ok when Dr. K. “took the tour”, so I’m going to actually stop worrying about this for a little bit and enjoy this.  

Funny thing is, we haven’t told anybody yet.  I’m sure Joe has told a few of the guys at work (He would make a terrible prisoner of war; he can’t keep a secret to save his life!)  
But the only person here at work who knows is J.  The pg co-worker.  

I’m still going to wait until Christmas, maybe even later to tell the boss :::shudder:::, and the families. So you guys know more than my Mom does!  


E said...

I love how you wrote that "no one knows" except for the ENTIRE internet!! And we're all supporting you. Congratulations, now go ENJOY your pregnancy!

DD said...

Thanks for letting us in on your secret. I promise I won't tell a soul!