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Friday, December 16, 2005


Silly me!
Fridays here at work are generally reaalllly ssssllloooowwww in the afternoon, so I was playing with Blogger. I decided that I would change the template. Fun right?
Yeah. Not so much.

Apparently, when you change your template, all of your links go away.

Fabulous. I wanted to alphabetize them anyway. Now, I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the afternoon. Besides scouring the internet for amazing, yet simple, appetizer recipes.


Lala said...

Boy, I'm around here a lot today. If you use blogrolling you don't use your links plus it has other nifty tricks associated with it. check out blogrolling.com

Catizhere said...

You're like my very own personal I.T. department!

I'll check it out. Thanks!

DD said...

I've been wanting to revamp my blog as well, but am not quite savvy enough. Plus I'll freak if I lose anything. Good luck with all that fun stuff.

melissa said...

I did the same thing using Blogger! Twice! You would have thought I learned my lesson the first time and copied my template or at least my links into a notepad document first, but no.