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Monday, November 21, 2005

The Results Are In!!!

Well, lets see…..something is 28.9 & the other thing is 1401. Whatever the hell THAT means!!!  
DR. K. was with a patient so the receptionist gave me the #’s….. She did say that Dr. looked at the results & said that the #’s looked “good”.  Does anyone know what they’re supposed to be?  Can I relax a little???

They’re going to fax another slip so I can get the bloodwork done again on Friday.  


The Queen Mama said...

28.9 is the number of chocolates you are allowed to eat to alleviate your stress level...that's the 1401.

Seriously, I have no clue what the numbers really mean. But please have a chocolate anyway, and try to relax. It'll all be good.

Positive thoughts! Positive thoughts!

Catizhere said...

LOL!!! Thanks Queen! I needed that!

DD said...

Good answer, Queen Mama.

Sorry, Cat, but the last time I was pg I wasn't a high risk, so I've never gone through the blood-letting for betas. I'm hoping by the next time I am, I can come straight to you and get the 4-1-1.

Any, anyway, if they tell you the numbers look good, who cares what they mean!

E said...

Well?!?! It's been over a week, what's the news?!?