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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Maybe a trip to Target would be helpful

Maybe a trip to Target would be helpful?

Maybe I’m just getting my hopes up. But what else have I got?

After J told me about her dream I’ve thought of nothing else.  Could I be?  Will this one be ok? How depressed will I be if I’m not????

Last night I had myself talked into tingly boobs & a slight nausea.  
I’m supposed to get my period this weekend.  I’m not having any back-cramps like I usually get the week of, but I do have my NorthStar zit that I get every month….

What’s a girl to do?   Should I hold out til Sunday when I do my weekly shopping to take a quick trip to Target for a mega-pack of HPT’s?? Or check the linen closet to make sure I have enough “girl-stuff”.  ::::SIGH::::

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DD said...

I know what I would do: stock up on both. That's what I'll be doing after work today. Plus, I know I would be taking the test as early as Wed or Thurs due to being partial to snowy fields of white; which in your case I hope it says, "Pregnant".