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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sometimes Men Say the DUMBEST Things

So, last night after I put Maggie to bed, Joe & I are sitting on the couch watching Commander In Chief, when out of the blue he turns to me & says, "So, when are your fields going to be ready for planting?"

Well, as creative as that may be, I didn't find it funny, or romantic, or even mildly amusing.

Everywhere I look, there are PREGNANT women!! I can't even watch the news without thinking about my fertility or lack thereof.
Of the 3 local tv stations here in the Philly 'burbs, there are 3 or 4 pregnant women. Most of them are the Meteorologists... whats up with that???
I think Sally Ann Mosey just doesn't look "right" unless she's pregnant.

I really thought that the miscarriage wasn't going to affect me like this. I thought I could handle this by myself. I went through the whole miscarriage alone (my choice) We were down the shore when the bleeding started. Joe packed up & drove me straight to the hospital at home. Once we got to the ER, I made him go home with Maggie. It was about 8 pm & she was getting tired, so I told him that HOME would be the best place for her. I was able to call him a few times to keep him updated on the situation: heading down to radiology now... 5wk fetal pole (I was 9 wks at that time) no heartbeat, D&E scheduled for later tonight... By the time the "associate-on-call" got around to me, (There was a delivery) it was almost 3 in the morning. The E.R. nurse & the OB kept commenting on how "strong" I was being to do this alone. Truth is, I didn't WANT the people I love to see me crying & weeping like a basket-case. I know if I called my mom she would have been there. At 3 A.M.
Joe would have called his mom to sit at the house while he came back to hold my hand. I didn't want to burden anyone with my sadness.

I hope & pray that next month, we can get pregnant & STAY pregnant. I'm not one to dwell on negatives, but I AM 40 years old. Talk about "old eggs"... But then again, "they" say that "40 is the new 30".


DD said...

He didn't really say that did he??? Tell me that you gave him a purple nurple as a response...

I wish you and Joe all the luck, but would advise him to open a bottle of wine the next time.

chris said...

Ahh!!!!! The meteorologists in my area are all knocked up too. Why? I do take pleasure that one of them has very large, protruding ears, because you know, sometimes petty is all I've got.

Penny Doll said...

Dear Cat,
I had first son at thirty and my second at 40. Relax...it will happen. It took me about four months. Love to you...Penny