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Friday, August 26, 2005

And Away We Go..................

Ahhhh Friday.....

Tonight Maggie & I will be heading to our trailer in Sea Isle for the weekend. YAY!
Joe's already there since he works a 10 hour day-rotating shift and he was off Thurs, Fri & Sat.

I Love, Love, Love the trailer. Now, don't picture your stereo-typical "trailer-park" here. Our campground has not one Dale Earnheardt racing flag nor will you see empty Budweiser cans laying around. It is a nice place. There is a lake, a nice pool, clubhouse (with BINGO every Friday night.. oh boy), a very outdated playground (every piece of apparatus is metal & they have pea-gravel...pea gravel for Christ's Sake!! as ground cover.) for the kids. I have considered annonymously suggesting they update the playground with resin equipment for the smaller kids & putting that recycled tire & bouncy stuff under the monkey bars & climb-y things. We'll see.

I'm still trying to decide how ummm...intimate I will allow this blog to be. The title is good. I really don't have a very exciting life. Other than the humerous antics of Maggie & my recent miscarriage, I really don't "do" anything that other people would want to read about.

That's about it for today.....See ya Monday!

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