Welcome to my world. I *just* vacuumed... Wipe your feet before you come in.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Long Weekend

Soooo, Maggie & I leave for the shore tonight. Hubby follows Friday morn.

I can't believe its labor Day weekend already. Where HAS the time gone?

Our trailerpark closes November 1st, so we still have a few good beachy type weekends ahead of us, but still. Now I have to start thinking about getting out the fall clothes, closing up the trailer for the winter, winterizing the pool at home, and possibly, just possibly getting pregnant. yep, you read that right. Getting pregnant.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Ahhhh, Feel the love

Ok, so let's see.... Did you miss me?

Judging by the comments (or lack thereof) I don't think you even noticed I was gone. :::sniff:::

That's ok. I understand.
Sooooooo annnywayyy. Let's see. Maggie & I drove to the shore Friday night, we went to Ocean City's boardwalk, she had a good time, we weren't able to get Joe to sit in the booth for pictures with us, he sucks.

Once I figurwe out how to put pics on this thing, I'll have some really good shots of us.

Friday, August 26, 2005

And Away We Go..................

Ahhhh Friday.....

Tonight Maggie & I will be heading to our trailer in Sea Isle for the weekend. YAY!
Joe's already there since he works a 10 hour day-rotating shift and he was off Thurs, Fri & Sat.

I Love, Love, Love the trailer. Now, don't picture your stereo-typical "trailer-park" here. Our campground has not one Dale Earnheardt racing flag nor will you see empty Budweiser cans laying around. It is a nice place. There is a lake, a nice pool, clubhouse (with BINGO every Friday night.. oh boy), a very outdated playground (every piece of apparatus is metal & they have pea-gravel...pea gravel for Christ's Sake!! as ground cover.) for the kids. I have considered annonymously suggesting they update the playground with resin equipment for the smaller kids & putting that recycled tire & bouncy stuff under the monkey bars & climb-y things. We'll see.

I'm still trying to decide how ummm...intimate I will allow this blog to be. The title is good. I really don't have a very exciting life. Other than the humerous antics of Maggie & my recent miscarriage, I really don't "do" anything that other people would want to read about.

That's about it for today.....See ya Monday!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Beginning

OK, here goes......

My very first posting.

My name is Cat. I'm in Sharon Hill, PA a little suburb outside of Philadelphia.
Married to Joe, one son, Dan (23) in Utah. One daughter; Maggie(2yrs)

I started reading A Little Pregnant by Julie in early July when I found out I was pregnant.
Unfortunately, I miscarried July 31st. I still read Julie & StoliDoli every day.
We're going to try again in a little while, I just had my post D&E checkup yesterday and was given the all clear by the Doc. So, once he gets over his massive head cold.... he's all mine!